I am Epic Muffin and my name is Adele.

I am very geeky, a little girly, and totally enthusiastic about everything. I am currently in university and take on web development sub contracts on the side. I enjoy playing board games (e.g. Settlers of Catan, St Petersburg, Dominion, and none of that Monopoly junk) so long as my nails are dry from whatever fresh coat of pink nail polish I had last applied. Little things can easily make my day; someone calling me "Mrs. Hedrick" ( wedding I married the love of my life in 2009, and still am excited about my new name), getting a great parking spot, and any other little pleasant day to day things. My addictions include coffee (one cream, no sugar), and my iPhone (I really need it for access to my Google Calendar), and my use of brackets within writing (I tend to go on tangents often {and will use different kind of brackets for sub tangents [can you tell I am a programmer?]}). My biggest pet peeve is code that is improperly (or not at all) formatted or indented, and improper (or not at all) commented. I hope to one day teach computer science, and specifically programming, in a high school so I can impart my knowledge and skills of proper coding (in whatever language they wish to learn).

I rant and rave via tweets.
I love to learn new things.

Just For Fun

Currently surfing and learning about ways to use HTML5 and CSS3.

Formal Education

Computer Science/Concurrent Ed @ UOIT 2008-present

Learning a little bit about every aspect of computer science, and a lot about programming and algorithms. Completed 6 courses in mathematics for my second teachable, and 1 or 2 courses a year (except my 4th and current year) in education. For my field placements I have been at an elementary school, high school, and tutored (and so much more) for the nursing faculties at DC and UOIT. Currently I am a TA at UOIT, which is not a part of my Con-Ed program, but is relevant experience related to education.

Multimedia Design @ Durham College 2003-2006

Learned a little bit about everything to do with media. This is where I got my main knowledge base in web development.

Carving pumpkins is my super power.


This year I am planning on doing a Game of Thrones inspired pumpkin, and then something for the kids. The kid’s pumpkin I have yet to decide on what to do...


Dexter Dora This is the first year for my tri-tone carving (Dexter). The three tones are deeply carved, skin removed, and skin kept. I believe the Dexter pumpkin was a great success, and parents and children alike were giving complements and generally were in awe of this piece of vegetable art. Young children naturally gravitated to the Dora (duo-tone) pumpkin, and one specific little one screamed with joy when she saw it (she was also dressed up as Dora). Both pumpkins took about 10 hours each to complete (including transferring the design and carving), but the Dora pumpkin was by far the most difficult and tedious design to carve.


Twilight Bill True Blood Sookie True Blood Eric True Blood This year I was still doing only duo tone, but with my home made Twilight stencil I was able to get the right amount of detail. The True Blood stencils I actually paid for online since I was running out of time before the trick-or-treaters started to show up. I had many squeals from teenage girls that night!

I have been to many places.

My favorite place to vacation is Mexico, but I love going anywhere tropical! I also love to explore different cultures and see famous historical sites, some of the most amazing things I have seen have been in Europe and Egypt.

Feel free to say "hi".

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